We provide services of good standard to a wide variety of clients, including government, parastatals and private business. We created an integrated security system that will provide  the best security and safety to our clients at the best possible value for money. We promote and implement innovative security solutions to our clients while maintaining ethics, integrity and transparency.

Quality Service Assurance

We ensure customers satisfaction and on-going commitment and constant upgrading of skills. Create and maintain the spirit of trust and co-operation between the client and the company. We aspire to be the most dynamic and undisputed leader in the Security industry, setting and maintaining  good standards of services, there by bringing about a culture of caring in the South African business environment. While also building a profitable and stable company.


The Response Unit is responsible for 24hrs patrol, site visit and emergency response to crime or incidents.


Our VIP solution offers close protection security with professional highly trained and capable bodyguards


Real Time Guarding Services is highly recognised as the most reputable specialist in event and crowd planning management.

Our Technical Security Services

The Technical division consists of a team of highly qualified technicians, headed by a Technical Manager, offering the public innovative technical advice and effectively servicing more than 50 clients. The division maintains the aim of providing sound technical assistance, keeping up with the constant advancements in technology. This division offers a wide variety of the latest equipment in home and business alarms, CCTV surveillance systems, gate automation, perimeter protection etc.

We install various makes of CCTV cameras in premises. This is a very effective way to keep an eye on things that happen around your premises and can be very useful in restricting unwanted entry

We have finger access control and card access control equipment to name a few. This type of service ensures that only authorized personnel can enter your premises. It’s a very effective way of restricting entry by intruders.